Singer, composer, clarinet & bass clarinet player, improviser, producer

“Carola Ortiz, a free bird, is one of the most dynamic musicians of the new generation of Catalan artists. Both a singer and a clarinet player, she is active not only on the jazz scene, but on the singer-songwriter and world music scenes as well. Her most ambitious work to date, Sirin, not only brings together Barcelona musicians from different fields – jazz, flamenco, Brazilian music and Argentinian folklore – but underlines the historical mestizo character of Barcelona’s popular music.” Martí Farré (Music Journalist) 

Singer, clarinetist and composer Carola Ortiz is a restless and multifaceted artist, who moves naturally among musical spheres, effortlessly connecting them. Born in Terrassa in 1986, a city linked to jazz, her mother was involved in the theatre world and her father was a regular bass player at the legendary club Nova Jazz Cava. It was there that she got the chance to hear live international jazz stars from a very young age.

In 2016 Carola Ortiz takes flight as a band leader and presents us with her latest work Sirin. In this album we hear her artistic maturity shine through as she synthesizes multiple influences and personal journeys in a sound that is truly her own. Also 2013 and 2014, she released two albums of original music with AxisOrca, alongside the French producer Landy Gana. Her other musical projects include the duo Minimal Hits (Ramona, 2015) the Iberian percussion orchestra Coetus, and Moussakis, a Balkan fusion group. In 2010, she toured with a jazz trio playing the Thelonious Monk tunes with her own lyrics. She has performed twice in the International Jazz Festival of Barcelona, once conducted by Maria Schneider and the other with LUMMM, an improvisation duo with Guillermo Rizzotto. In 2011 she was the resident artist of LEM festival in Barcelona, where she was involved in interdisciplinary experiences combining dance and visual arts.

Carola Ortiz has participated in the recordings of more than twenty albums of different genres, including jazz, pop, rock, world, hindustani music, flamenco and experimental. She has also played with hundreds of musicians from her own country and from all over the world. During a long stay in New York City, she co-formed a group with original songs and was invited to play by The Groove Collective and The Mingus Orchestra in clubs such as Nublu and The Jazz Standard. During her recent stay in India, she has recorded on next album of grammy nominated classical hindustani player Debashish Bhattacharya. She has also traveled and performed in different international festivals in Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Colombia, Poland, Hungary and Algeria.

Born in 1986 near Barcelona, Carola Ortiz received a classical and jazz higher education. She attended workshops with singers Luciana Souza, Meredith Monk and flamenco player Jorge Pardo. She continues to learn from ongoing collaborations in different musical areas: from growing up in jazz clubs playing with her father, playing flamenco in Granada and travelling to Rio to play in Rodas de Choro, to Istanbul jamming Turkish gipsy tunes with Selim Sesler, and improvising in Berlin’s underground music scene. Carola loves playing, composing and improvising, learning new ways to express herself, and embodies a strong belief that artistic boundaries do not exist.

Own Discography | Contributions | Old Projects

Own Discography

‘SPRIALA’ Carola Ortiz – Balaio Records, 2018
‘SIRIN’ Carola Ortiz – Temps Record, 2016
‘Ramona’ Minimal Hits – Nuevas Musicas Colombianas, 2015
‘Unplugged’ AxisOrca Rythm Trio – Whatabout Music, 2014
’Axis’ AxisOrca – Whatabout Music, 2013
‘21.01.2012’ Marc Egea, Leo Bettinelli, Carola Ortiz -tube,2012
‘LUMMM’ Guillermo Rizzotto & Carola Ortiz – Independiente, 2011


‘Joys Abound’ Anandi Bhattacharya, Riverside Records 2018
‘Vientre’ Leonardo Trincabelli, Whatabout Music 2018
‘Grand Décor’ Fanny Roz, 2017
“Um Segundo” – Jurandir Santana – Temps Record, 2015
Ivan Ilic ‘Paranoik’ – Independiente, 2015
Faz de Pez – Luifer Guirados – Independiente, 2013
Prend son souffle et saute – Fanny Roz – BeCore, 2012
Sheelá – Tal Ben Ari – Whatabout Music, 2012
Xalat Bu Rafet – Reshá – Whatabout Music, 2011
Los petalos que dormimos – Ivo Saint – Whatabaout Music, 2011
Una forma de hablar – Maria Rodés – BeCore, 2009
Tudo por um ocaso – Rogério Botter Maio – Gero Records, 2008
5 de swing – Temps Record, 2008

Pendientes editar – Leo Trincabelli, Fanny Roz, On Davis (NY)

Old Projects

Esmuc Jazz Project ‘Univers Ornette’

Moussakis (balkan fusion)

Coetus (iberian percussion orchestra)

Telepathik Radio (NYC)
Giulia Valle ‘Líbera’
Nico Roig ‘Os meus Shorts’
H3o amb Marco Mezquida i Santi Careta
Tacirupeca y sus Lobos
LUMMM amb Guillermo Rizzotto
Lluís Vidal & Carola Ortiz Duo
Rogerio Botter Maio brazilian sextet
Jonathan Crayford Trio
Marc Egea – Leo Bettinelli – C. Ortiz trio
Resonessence de Frédérique Trunk
Fanny Roz
Maria Rodés

Tal Ben Ari ‘Tula’
Trio Corazón (JpBalcázar y Santi Careta)
Joan Díaz & Carola Ortiz Duo
Big Band de Begues
Carola Ortiz Quartet
Carola Ortiz Brazilian Quartet
Ortich Sisters Duo
Xavi Ortiz i Carola Ortiz Duo
Ezequiel Borra
Ivo Saint
Bass Clarinet Trio amb Victor Nubla & Joao Pedro Viegas
etc …