Born in 1986, Carola Ortiz is the daughter of a jazz musician and a mother connected to the theater world. She describes herself as a creative musician and musical researcher. Carola works non-stop on musical projects that represent a challenge for her. Her boundless curiosity blends seamlessly and freely, combining the improvisational spirit present in jazz clubs where she spent her childhood, the discipline of classical music after many years of studying the clarinet in the Conservatory, and the rhythmic and melodic influences of her Iberian heritage. These influences span from the music of Latin America, the eastern Mediterranean as well as some fragrances from East Indian music. All of these influences come from her extensive travels to these regions and her deep connections with native musicians and their culture.

As a composer and producer, Carola Ortiz has released three albums. Sirin in 2016; Spirala in 2018 and Pecata Beata in 2021. Carola has played her music in clubs, theaters and festivals on three continents capturing the attention of both the national and international press. Her work spans the realms of jazz, singer songwriter forms and world music rhythms and instrumentation.

As a musician she has been a member of the Iberian percussion orchestra ‘Coetus’ and has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Eliseo Parra, Rocío Márquez, Raül Refree, Raúl Rodriguez, Rosalía, Silvia Perez Cruz, and many others. She has participated on recordings of more than twenty albums collaborating with artists from all over the world.