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Guillermo Rizzotto: classic and electric guitar,live electronics.
Carola Ortiz Rodó: bass clarinet, clarinet and voice.

Improvised musics by Guillermo Rizzotto and Carola Ortiz Rodó.

Alfonso Muñoz plays alto sax in “Errusteak” and “Niebla y ruinas” as a guest musician.
“Gaviotas en un volcan” and “Apoteosis” recorded live at Electric Bar, Barcelona, July 1th-2010
“Another place to live” recorded live at Robadors 23, Barcelona, October 11th-2010.
Recording sessions between March and October 2010.
Recording engineer: Guillermo Rizzotto.
Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Guillermo Rizzotto
Graphic Design by Carola Ortiz.
Photos by Mikel Jaso
Produced by Guillermo Rizzotto and Carola Ortiz Rodó for “Olga Records” 2010.
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