[Balaio Records, 2018]

The second album as a composer is the result of her last trips to New York, Berlin and India. The last country where she met the percussionist and singer Charu Hariharan and the guitarist Nishad Pandey who collaborate on the album. Jazz, pop, folk and sonorities of India converge in an organic way, in a total ensemble of seven great players.

Carola Ortiz – voice, clarinet, bass clarinet.
Charu Hariharan (India) – voice, kanjira, mrdangam, pandero cuadrado & bells.
Sandrine Robilliard (France) – violoncello
Nishad Pandey (India, Berlin)- electric guitar & spanish guitar.
Néstor Giménez – piano.
Juan Pablo Balcázar (Colombia) – electric bass & double bass.
Andreu Moreno – drums.
Special Guest: Naomi Jean (Australia) – irish flute & voice.

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[Temps Record, 2016]

First album as a Composer, Double Nominated at the Independent Music Awards of NYC. Carola explores different influences, from jazz, primitious flamenco & south-american rhythms to classical counterpoint string quartet moments, jazz improvisations and mediterranean flavours.

She has invited many highlight musicians from the Barcelona multicultural scene:

CAROLA ORTIZ, voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, mikrokorg, composition and lyrics.
ALEIX TOBIAS, drums and percussion
PAU FIGUERES, spanish guitar
GUILLERMO RIZZOTTO (Argentina) spanish guitar
JURANDIR SANTANA (Brasil) spanish guitar, electric guitar and viola caipira
MARCO MEZQUIDA, fender rhodes
GIULIA VALLE, doublebass
MIQUEL ÁLVAREZ, electric bass
EDURNE ARIZU, accordion
SANDRINE ROBILLIARD (France) violoncello
XAVI LOZANO,mohoceño flute and tiple
MANUEL RANGEL (Venezuela) maracas

Recorded and Mixed between january and april 2016 for Dave Bianchi in Barcelona.
Mastered by Pep Roig
Producer Carola Ortiz.
Composition, lyrics and arrangements by Carola Ortiz

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Minimal Hits

[Musicas Colombianas, 2015]

Pop covers in a jazzy and minimal approach

Carola Ortiz voice, clarinet and percussions.
Juan Pablo Balcázar, double bass and percussions.

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[Whatabout Music, 2014]

Original songs by:
Aurélien Landy Gana, guitar, drums, bass, composition and production.
Carola Ortiz, voice, clarinets, keyboards, composition and music production.

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