Pecata Beata

‘Pecata Beata’ (Segell Microscopi, 2021) is the third album as a composer [and producer] of the gifted singer and clarinettist Carola Ortiz. In this new work, the Catalan artist brings poems by Catalan female writers such as Montserrat Abelló, Mercè Rodoreda, Víctor Català and Anna Gual, in celebration of the feminine universe of her origins.

It’s an album that addresses topics like sensuality and the attractiveness of women, Mediterranean feminine mythology, witches and mermaids, and at the same time, through the metaphor of art, wants to serve as a cure for the dark past lived by some of her ancestors. It faces issues such as exile, fear of abuse, loneliness and despair and the metaphysical inheritance received by the modern day woman.


Carola Ortiz, voices, clarinet, bass clarinet, composition, arrangements and production.
Heloïse Lefebvre, violin.
John King, viola and string arrangements.
Sandrine Robilliard, cello and specific arrangements.
Bartolomeo Barenghi, spanish guitar, acoustic, seven-string, electric guitar, vocals and specific arrangements.
Pau Lligadas, double bass.
Aleix Tobias, dojola, tambourine, brushes, square tambourine, leguero bass drum, djembe, bendir, congas, bongos, drums, effects and percussion arrangements.

Recorded in Sol de Sants, December 2019 and 2020.
Edited by Aniol Bestit and Denys Sanz.
Mixed and mastered by Denys Sanz.

Photographs: Silvia Poch.
Art direction: Hugo Cornelles.
Makeup: Miriam Sánchez.
Costumes: Carola Ortiz i Edurne Arizu.
Graphic design of the album and album covers: Hugo Cornelles.