Musical Experiences in NYC

Its the end of my first trip to NYC that I started 3 months ago. From September till November I’ve discovered just a few part of the incredible music scene! I had one of the mosts active and amazing intense time playing and collaborating with a lots of interesting and exciting musicians! Growing new friendships and discovering new ways of expression

Cronollogically, below I’ve noted some of the bands and places where I’ve blowed the clarinet or singed ….

  • The Groove Collective @ Nublu
  • The Mingus Orchestra @ Jazz Standard
  • Marquès/Stinston/O’Farril Trio @ The Jazz Gallery
  • Jonathan Crayford, Kenny Wollesen, David Biney, Brad Jones… @ Nublu
  • Raja, Justin, Colin, Sam Group @ Bembe
  • The Himalayas @ Halloween Parade
  • Brooklyn Gyspies @ Nublu
  • Telepathic Radio @ Nublu

I’ve discovered hundreds of new musicians, visual artists, performers, dancers, puppeters, film makers, yoga and meditation teachers, philosophers, gardeners….

What an exciting envoirement New York…. I will never forget you…

My Deepest Love for You

Playing at Nublu with my new band “Thelepatic Ràdio”

telepathic flyer!

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